Belroche Distribution is a enterprise created by two dynamic and passionate Quebec entrepreneurs.
Having worked for many years in the conception, inspection as well as management of septic installations, it was noticed that integrating various components, to create a natural environment, was a challenge for many customers.  “Dekorra“ products have been chosen by this enterprise as the best and most viable solution.
Belroche Distribution offers a wide selection of colours and dimensions of artificial rocks.  Light, strong and durable, these products are used to hide items which are an eyesore ( such as  surface well and pumps, septic tank covers, pool filters and gas meters ) or can be used on their own to embellish your landscaping.
Other exclusive products have also been developped by Belroche Distribution and are now available, such as dog houses, animal shelters, hunting and observation hideouts and audio systems. Additional products and ideas are being explored for future implementation.

 Do you have something to hide?